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what if anxiety, a busy mind, or exhaustion wasn’t holding you back?

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Hi, I’m Kate, a registered Nutritional Therapist and I want to help empower you to take control of your physical and mental health. 

My passion lies in supporting people to rebalance their mood, calm their thoughts and boost their energy using science-based nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

I want to help on your health journey go from:

Feeling wired and tired, to calming your busy brain.

Surviving on broken sleep, to sleeping well, and waking up refreshed.

Fuelling on carbs and coffee, to making nourishing food choices. 

Struggling to get off the sofa, to feeling energised and motivated.

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my approach

Whether you're a new parent struggling to prioritize yourself whilst juggling family life; a busy professional who's having trouble switching off; or you're just catching every cough and cold going around. Some simple nutritional and lifestyle tweaks can help rebalance your body and mind - and that's where I come in. 

I am committed to cultivating relationships with clients and I aim to make sure you feel supported and empowered! Every person I work with has unique and individual needs. I will evaluate your health history, listen to your goals and provide you with an evidence-based and comprehensive plan to follow. We will work together to equip you with the foundations to take control of your health. 

Now is the time to put yourself first and invest in your health and wellbeing.




"Right from the start I felt comfortable talking honestly to Kate about my diet and lifestyle. She listened carefully and explained her recommendations and reasoning to me really clearly. It's definitely helped me to make positive changes - I liked that she really encouraged me to add things to my diet while explaining why removing some things would help address my allergies! It's clear she's knowledgeable and passionate about what she does - highly recommended!"

Anika, Design Manager


"Kate has definitely helped me understand my body better. She made me feel at ease during the consultation and with her feedback and guidance, along with a plan of action, gave me the tools I needed to make the necessary changes to improve my nutrition habits" 

Vicki, Packaging Technologist

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